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Starting a production company here

This is based on a few ongoing conversations on Facebook with the amazing Tex Rabel Aspiring Filmmaker. *Problems making movies in a right to work state with limited incentives. There are so many problems. I’ll start with us being a right to work state. Because of that I’ve never been able to make a living here. So I’ve lived in L.A. but my husband is here so I came back. The only way for me to work was then to spend all of my time in Louisiana. Spending thousands in travel and even making thousands I don’t always break even. Gas, emergency flights for callbacks, taxis. A round trip costing around $480. Just to work. So now I’m doing my first short film and I barely have a budget. I’ve been lucky if I break even and that’s with some good work out of town. So I haven’t banked anything to start making films. I again go to my piggy bank to pull up whatever I can and then I’m stressed that I can barely afford anything. The other option is not doing anything at all. From what I hear, some filmmakers here have a bad reputation. Is that true or are people bad mouthing others that don’t deserve it. Is it because they’re really are just scraping by with good intentions to make movies or are they using the situation of limited resources to use others? I don’t know but it makes me scared to step my toe in the water. I want to do good work and do well by people. I already have a business Diamond Cutters International which is known for treating others in the highest regard. That’s what I want for this company. I plan for this to be a beginning with great people. If we were a union state and had better incentives we would do better. Signed Stressed.